COVID-19 Update                                                            March 20, 2020

West Custer County Hospital District (WCCHD) aka the “Clinic” and “EMS” Is taking the outbreak of COVID 19 very seriously. We are following the recommended guidelines from the CDC. Please refer to their website for the updated information. ( We are working with Public Health make sure we are following all the expected guidelines.


We have initiated some new programs to reduce the risk for our patients.

  • We are now screening Physical Therapy and Clinic patients at the entrances.
  • We are utilizing a room with an outside door so patients can be seen without entrance to the clinic in their car or in the room with limited access to the clinic.
  • We are initiating a telehealth program (which is visual and auditory visit) where a patient can have a virtual meeting with their provider. We hope to have this option for existing patients by March 26, 2020. We anticipate that we will be using telehealth for well patients. The patient has to be an existing patient in the practice.
  • We have a telemedicine program set up where you can have an office visit set up with your provider over the phone. This would be for routine care and with existing patients.
  • We have enhanced cleaning throughout the day in our treatment areas, physical therapy and the waiting rooms and are doing a thorough cleaning at the end of every day.
  • We are having front office staff and clinical staff fitted for a special respirator mask (N95). in addition, all EMS personnel are being fitted for a special respirator mask (N95).
  • EMS is fully staffed, and we are following all the recommended guidelines.

This is an evolving situation and we will be making changes as necessary. If you have any reservations about your appointment, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any of your questions – (719) 783-2380


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We serve Colorado’s beautiful Wet Mountain Valley and the surrounding region, providing a wide range of health care to people of all ages and circumstances – with referrals to more specialized services.

You’ll find our rural health clinic in Westcliffe, just a block east of CO 69 South, open five days each week, with early and extended hours on Tuesdays, as well as early appointments on Thursdays and Fridays. We provide outpatient primary care, laboratory, basic x-ray and physical therapy services, to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and illnesses.

While we’re a rural clinic, we serve as a gateway to health care, pointing you to any advanced or acute services you might need. If needed, we can help stabilize patients and see that Custer County Emergency Medical Services transports them to higher-level care. For more routine care, we host several specialists each month and hope soon to host more.

We accept private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid patients.

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